Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bird of paradise

Hi, I'll be away from the net and so this blog for some time now. And 'cause blogger.com does not allow scheduled posts this blog won't be updated for some two weeks. You may want to check out the mirror site hosted on WordPress.

See you and enjoy!



enzo said...

I love these sort of strong colours. I know it's not simple to describe why I like pictures like this one, but I believe that a certain combination of colours enhances the spirit. Well...I should say "my spirit".
I will definitely follow your posts on your mirror site.

Juhani said...

Hiiii Inna,

You are the master of photography.
Regards from Lumi and Pyry and ofcourse from Jussi

concerned said...

Hi Jussi!

What a surprise!

Kisses to guys :).